Barrelly Conscious 
       wine barrel furniture & accessories
           custom crafted in Ames, Iowa 
       using Oak  barrels from Napa, Calif

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Barrelly Conscious Home Page
Thanks for your interest in our furniture & accessories.
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Wine Barrel by Words:

A wise person once said, "Oak barrels are like a winemakers spice rack", and we couldn't agree more!

Some common terms to help familiarize yourself with what our furniture is constructed with:

Stave: one of the thin, narrow, shaped pieces of wood that form the outside of the barrel

Pin: small metal nails that help hold the barrel together

Hoop: The staves are held in place by six to eight metal hoops that go around the outside of the barrel, spaced out lengthwise. The hoop near the top of the barrel is called the head hoop, moving toward the bottom of the barrel, the quarter hoop is next and 2 bilge hoops. Another quarter hoop, and the bottom hoop complete the barrel

Head: flat, circular oak pieces that seal the top and bottom of the barrel. Each stave is cut with a groove, to help hold the head in place.

Bung hole: the opening in the middle of the barrel, on one stave, from where wine can be sampled and tasted over time. The bung hole is sealed with a rubber stopper or cork


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